The Treasure chest project

Welcome to the Treasure Chest Project

The Treasure Chest Project is an open library collection of computing software that has been reclassified by the copyright owners.

Many gaming companies and software publishers have come and gone, leaving their imprints on our minds of the once successful software titles that we have played in the earlier days. These are now lost, as chances are these software titles will never make it back to the shelves again.

The Treasure Chest Project main aim is to search out the copyright owners of these marvellous pieces of software, and to convince them to re-release them back into the general public again. Hence the term "Reclassified Software Titles".

The Treasure Chest Project does not support "Abandonware", and only lists games that have put up for free download by the authors or copyright owners; or where the Treasure Chest Project has permission to reclassify them for public download.

The Treasure Chest Project obtains no finacial gains from this process, nor for the distribution or reclassification of the said titles.

I hope that one day, Treasure Chest Project will grow to a gigantic library of legally distributable reclassified softwares.

As of 26 July 2018, the entire project is being hosted by A.P.P.L.E. on the Apple Archives website with my full permission.


Willie Yeo
Treasure Chest Project
28 Aug 1999

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